Tuesday, 14 January 2014

At The Coffee Table

Hello, Happy Tuesday . . . . .Today has seen me camping out in our sitting room finding comfort in blankets, cushions, books and SO many cups of tea. The rest of the house is feeling very hectic, with a kitchen dressed in dust sheets and masking tape, a bath tub filled with rollers, trays and brushes and paint splatted decorating clothes strewn on the bedroom floor, the front room has become a haven away from the chaos. The dining table is filled with all of the contents of our kitchen sides so it was breakfast at the coffee table which I actually really enjoyed, sat on the ground Japanese style, I might have to make that a regular morning feature.

 The ceiling should be finished tonight so normality will hopefully resume tomorrow. I'm looking forward to cleaning every where down and then putting out our new things. My husband and I were married last October and so over the last few months we've been slowly picking up beautiful finds for our home as and when we've seen them, using our gift money (thank you Lovely family and friends) We also got a few gems from our honeymoon in India. Curating display areas in our home using our favorite, much loved treasures is one of my real joys, I'm not a materialistic person at all by nature but I do feel that it's important to surround your self with the things that make you feel, happy, inspired, loved and even safe and nurtured, also it's a wonderful self expression.

Be back soon with pictures of our newly decorated kitchen! Have a lovely evening.

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