Tuesday, 7 January 2014

A Walk In The Grey

I love to walk out under a moody grey sky, I find it far more visually beautiful than a bright summer sky. It's the range of tones and the depth of emotion.  I'm someone who finds it difficult to be bound by a single favorite, of anything, I can never choose just one. But grey is one of my all time favorite colours, for clothing and accessories for interiors, for architecture and in art, especially when applied liberally to a canvas or when black ink is permitted to dance with water on the page fading in to a wash of grey. 
These images were taken at various stages along my walk today before it poured with rain.

I have been busy around our home this last week, arranging, clearing and sorting, with many more plans to decorate and 'revamp' the corners of our house that are feeling a little worn and tired ready for the new year ahead. We rent our home and are lucky to have a landlord that allows us to make it feel our own, we're careful to mostly invest in aspects that we will be able to take with us when we leave, but as we plan on being here for a good few years it's well worth the time and effort to live in an environment that nurtures us and makes us feel happy.
Some pics of what I've been up to in the house to come . . . 
Have a lovely day, embrace the grey!

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