Thursday, 2 January 2014

A contribution

Stepping forth In to a new age. 2014. As one year draws to a close another begins presenting us with the opportunity of renewal, new hope and fresh inspiration. As always I find myself making ambitious goals for the new year and this time based mostly around the idea of simply putting myself back out there, which inevitably means processing the attached emotions of vulnerability, fear and self doubt. In many ways I find myself in a transitional place poised between my old life and a new one. Our very existence provides us with opportunities to explore our life's purpose and share our gifts in a positive way, using our talents to demonstrate an understanding of our own power and capabilities and maybe even inspire others along the way. I've felt 'out of society' for some years as I have worked through a life changing period of ill health. During this time despite the hardship, my life has been made richer not only by the lessons my illness has taught and the love, support and kindness of personal relationships but also (thanks to this technical age) through the joy of an on line community who have brought so many feelings of comfort and warmth via their offerings of art, design, creativity, visual beauty and inspiring words. On so many occasions I found solace in the inspiring life's of others who write their blogs, post their images and share stories from their lives. Often unable to leave the house I sought refuge in feeling connected with others who were living wonderfully creative and exciting lives while mine stood still and just as these individuals (without even knowing) added a richness to my existence I hope in some small way to be able do the same.
I have a degree in design and before becoming unwell worked as a fashion designer for a well known high street retailer. while I still have a love for fashion my interests have in recent times become more varied and include a passion for interior design, styling, art and photography. 
With this platform I hope to offer a glimpse of the many things that warm my heart, from a hand made project, and interior styling ideas to a home made cake or a beautiful walk in the countryside, I'd like to share the things that make me happy , a lifestyle blog inspired by the joy of finding beauty in the simple things and the beauty of being present in the moment and the moments in between the moments that make up the days and weeks of our lives.
I have had a very long time to dream up the many projects I hope to share with you, Inspiration for my work is generally sourced from a foundation of two main aspects of importance to me : A love of the visual beauty I see And feel around me, mostly in nature and the pursuit of understanding my connection to the deeper and more subtle layers of my existence, some might call it spirituality, my ideas are usually  combined by bringing the two together.
Although daunting it feels exciting to be in a position after so long to make an offering of my self again, a contribution to the world even if only a small one!
Thank you.
Happy New Year.

I took this photo in January 2012, It was the first frost of the new year, I share it here to represent the light and Beauty you will receive if you strive to have the courage to branch out.

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