Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Beautiful Skies And A Covering Of Snow

Autumn was slow to fade this year with warm temperatures and golden leaves that seemed determined to last. 
Winter Solstice arrived on the 21st and temperatures dropped leaving us since with bare branches in strong winds that blow, ice cold frost and a sprinkling of snow. 
A few inspiring words I wrote for this years Solstice . . . .

 You may find your selves retreating indoors but also inward.
A time of quietude and fireside dreaming.
 Seeds germinate deep beneath the ground, whilst icicles form above.

 Both us and the land become still under a coverlet of snow.

Winter sunlight warms not our bodies but our souls and at night the stars shine bright.

 Although there is a natural pull to be indoors notice also the draw to wrap up warm and go for walks for now is the best time, while the land lays quiet you may find a deeper connection both with nature and with your self, your higher self.

 Breathe. Be still. Be conscious. Be in gratitude. And feel the Love x

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

A White Covering Of Frost

Almost every morning last week we woke up to a white covering of frost. 

Fresh. Crisp. Wonderful.

When I was little my mum always used to say that Jack Frost had been, And I believed in him as much as I did Santa Claus and The Tooth Fairy, A mystical, spirited sprite that came in the night and made everywhere look so Beautiful.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

A Little update . . . .

Our baby is here.

 Here in the world.

A perfect Baby Girl born at 6.39am on the 5th of October weighing 7lb exactly.

 We Named Her Niah Rose

'Niah' which means 'Intended' . . .
and she was very much so! I've waited so long for this.

 For ten weeks now she has blessed us with her Beautiful existence, ten weeks that have flown by so fast with so many intense emotions of every kind . . . .  Bliss. Joy. Happiness. Contentment. Excitement. and the most overwhelming LOVE . . . . to name but a few.

She has the most perfect hands . . .

Her mama's eyes and lips . . .

And her Papa's ears . . . 

Thank you for the most Beautiful expression of Life and Love I have ever known x

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Handmade With Love

I've been working on a handmade gift for our baby, 
A dreamcatcher style mobile.
I've loved dream catchers from being young, I had one hanging in my room which was a gift from my baby sitter and then went on myself to give them as gifts to friends over the years, now I enjoy making them.

The dreamcatcher originates from Native American cultures and is essentially A hoop with a woven net adorned with sacred items such as beads and feathers. Tribal mothers and grandmothers would weave these magical webs for their children, using willow hoops and sinew with the intention that the dreamcatchers would filter out all bad dreams and only allow good thoughts to enter their children's minds, once the sun rises, all bad dreams would just disappear.

Wanting our baby to have only the sweetest dreams and something pretty to look up at I've used an embroidery hoop, bangles which I wrapped in thick cotton yarn and a selection of crochet doilies.

Each and every part of this creation has been made with such Love, each piece carefully selected and put together with real care, I enjoyed the process so much and felt so connected to the baby whilst making it. To adorn the dream catcher I've used Crystal beads cut from a favourite vintage necklace with the hope that they will capture and create light. 

Beautiful spotted Guinea fowl feathers, the Guinea Fowl being a Totem animal symbolising protection.

And Lemurian Seed Crystals, originating from Lemuria the ancient civilisation believed to have sunk beneath the pacific ocean many thousands of years  ago. These crystals are a variety of Quartz that embody the soft loving energies of the angelic and cosmic realms and are said to be excellent stones for children.

Here it is finished, at the moment hanging at our change station, I will keep it here for a little while and will eventually hang it above the crib.

I hope the baby likes it :) I've mentioned a few times that I plan to open a little online shop once the baby is a bit older, I will definitely make a selection of these so that other babies can feel the Love too! x

Monday, 29 September 2014

In Waddling Persuit Of Seed Heads And Warm Autumn Sun.

 Thirty Eight weeks pregnant and counting I made my way slowly around a small lake close to our house today.  

The trees a mix of leaves still green and leaves that have already transitioned in to their rich Autumn hues. Fallen leaves fading from yellow to brown rustled under foot, and rustic seed heads stood tall from the underbrush to greet the warm hazy sun.

Last week saw the arrival of Autumn equinox, Its harvest time and I feel more than ready to harvest the Beautiful fruit of our creation, Our baby, that certainly feels ripe and ready . . . . 
Any day now . . . . 
when you're ready little one, we're waiting x

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Raindrops . . . .

Yesterday saw the last summer bank holiday of the year and here In Derbyshire It was none stop rain from morning until night, maybe not the most perfectly timed day for such a down pour, so many will have felt let down.

I always notice that when It's raining people tend to say 'what a horrible day' 'what a miserable day' 'It's awful out there!'

But is this always a fair and accurate description?
If you allow your self be a part of the more subtle layers of our reality you will begin to notice that there is Beauty to be found in almost anything, at any time, anywhere.

Beauty. Abundance. Vitality. Growth. Reflection. Light. Grace. Wonder.

Let us look that little bit closer to find Joy and positivity even when things seem grey.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Fading Lavender

Up and out in the garden early this morning pottering and tidying. 

Over the last few weeks our Lavender has begun to fade, the bees have been visiting it less and less and so I decided to cut it back before the last of the colour was lost forever.

With hands soaked in wonderful scent I made a simple arrangement in this Lovely antique pot I got from a car boot-sale last month.

Wishing you a Wonderful week, with all of the calm and quiet Beauty you deserve.

Monday, 18 August 2014

The Last Days Of summer . . . . .

Counting down these last days of summer, 
the branches on the trees sway with leaves still green, the sun shinning through golden and bright but there's a renewed freshness in the air, it's slightly more crisp, especially in the evening when day turns to night, perhaps you've found your self reaching for your cardigan or have even pulled on some warm woollen socks.
On our street the sound of the ice cream van can still be heard along with the joyous shouts and laughter of children enjoying their last few weeks of freedom, it wont be long before they return to school with crisp white shirts and freshly sharpened pencils.
 Today I have found myself thinking about the approaching change of season, which for Alex and I will bring not only the general joy of Autumn but also our first wedding anniversary and the birth of our first baby. 
And so before we take an Almighty leap in to a new and exciting phase of our lives, I'll be spending these next few weeks enjoying the last days of summer, being centred in the present but also with a little reflection, of how every moment we've shared this summer no matter how simple, such as sitting in the garden together both quietly reading, meals we've shared together at our kitchen table, the films we've laughed at and the walks we've had hand in hand, among the many Beautiful flowers we've seen, have all been so greatly enhanced by the excitement of my growing tummy, our little baby inside and the anticipation of what's in store for us!

 Flower photography from various walks this summer . . . . . .

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Hand Knitted Bambino Clothes . . . . .

I'm still learning and these patterns are by no means technical, but I would now feel comfortable to say I have taught my self to knit baby clothes! 

I tend to be quite hard on my self when learning something new and this process has not come naturally to me, I've had many a 'melt down' where I've found my self in a tangled, knotted mess but now looking at what I have produced I'm quite proud :)

 I made the cardigan, hat and bootie set in 100% cotton yarn, which feels so soft and lovely. By using simple Garter stitch a wonderful texture has been created further enhanced by the multi dyed yarn that flows with a linea like quality in Beautiful white and grey tones. The Mother of Pearl buttons were my husbands suggestion, which amused me greatly, he's much more in touch with his feminine side than I had realised and don't they finish it off perfectly.

And Below A simple jumper, with accompanying hat and booties made in pure white baby wool, again super soft and snugly. I love the modern wide arm, block-like shape and the simple cotton tape used to tie the back neck is a lovely feature.

I cant wait to dress our baby in these, Its 10 weeks today until our due date. Having entered the third trimester I'm feeling very tired with a lot of aching in my body, I've had a fair few difficult days and definitely need to take it easy, but will definitely drop by here as regularly as I can, hope all is well with you?

 *All of the patterns featured have been taken from 
'Simple Knits For Cherished Babies' By Erika Knight.*

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Calming Neutrals

Hello, I hope that this week is treating you well so far. 
I have been resting every day and plan to continue resting for a while, I've been so busy recently with home improvements, that I've been left feeling really tired. And although the jobs have been creative and enjoyable I think I've over-done it a little, being six and a half months pregnant it's important for me to keep that work/rest balance now more than ever!

Alex and I agreed from the start that we wouldn't find out the sex of our little one and would instead look forward to the surprise of discovering whether we have a little boy or a little girl when our baby arrives this Autumn. And so I've been collecting lots of Beautiful neutral baby clothes, in Gorgeous shades of grey, beige's, creams and white, these colours are so calming and have been really inspirational to me, I set about revamping our home to have the same relaxed, neutral feel in time for when the baby is born. I've felt that it will create the perfect backdrop for photographing the baby which of course is going to happen a lot! and also when the baby is a little older I plan to work from home making arts and crafts and I now feel that I have the perfect setting to photograph those too.
And so here is our sitting room, it isn't quite finished, I still need to frame some photo's and pictures but this is how it looks so far . . . . . .

We've painted our feature wall this Lovely calming shade which I would describe as a soft stone.

I've repainted Alex's 'man cave' cupboard with a 'shabby' effect.

One of my most favourite interior design books 'A life less ordinary' has also served as a great inspiration source.

I've misted these dried hydrangea's with a fine white veil of paint, accompanied by a stack of pebbles from Worthing beach and some poppy seed heads, I love to style our home with natures treasures.

I brought these hand crafted clay vases for £1.50 from a carbooot sale a few weeks ago, aren't they Beautiful, notice how the artist has used their thumb and index finger to pinch and form the edges and the design has actually been pressed and printed in to the clay using real leaves.

I've given our foot stool an update by not only painting the legs but also the actual upholstery fabric, I've used white and grey to roughly depict the floral pattern in a more subtle and abstract way, and then finished around the edges with this lovely trim which features real tiny sea shells.

I'm So happy with how the room feels- so serene, relaxing and calm.